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The Matt Lauer Scandal: A Prophetic Perspective — 3 Comments

  1. Hoda Kotb is NOT replacing Matt Lauer.
    His replacement has not been chosen yet
    The whole reasoning is fascinating but not based into what is really happening.
    When Hugues Heffner died, a principality that was holding women captives is being shaken.
    The spiritual protection of many powerful men has been remove.Matt Lauer is one of these men.

  2. I’m glad you used the word “ethnicity” instead of “race” – and I’ve done my best to try and clarify that but seems no one is listening.  Here’s something I wrote back in 2006 and posted online in 2013:


    FEBRUARY 6, 2013 · 4:08 PM
    School Boards can be instruments of change in the minds and hearts of both children and parents through factual education.  Race has been an issue that was never properly addressed, either educationally or politically, and our schools can be the vehicle for positive outcomes.  The notion that there are 5 distinct races is simply a lie that has survived due to lack of knowledge.  Race: a cause for wars, discrimination, quotas, affirmative action and genocide.  Unless the core of this misconception is exposed and eliminated, all attempts for changing society for the better are only Band-Aid solutions.
    Misconceptions and beliefs on “Race” clarified:

    It is a CREATED category, NOT based on biology;
    It is not determined by skin color but by class inequalities
    Non-white people were considered “lower” races by European nations
    White is also a created racial category.
    Although an argument could be made for four or five divisions of mankind, Webster only recognizes three
    Some claim there are as many as 36 races.
    Others claim there is only one race – the human race.
    The concept of race was established by Eurocentric cultures/peoples so that they could dehumanize, disenfranchise and/or destroy non-White peoples.

    Anyone using the Bible to justify their prejudice should take note of this: When God speaks of the earth as a whole and the restoration of all things, He defines all things in terms of that which He has created (Col. 1:16-20). Certainly that includes all people, one race.

    It is important to educate our society in this way, removing the primary cause for discrimination whether political, religious or social, through using wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment of the true facts of life:

    We are one human race.

    Quote from Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary:

    Race – A specious classification of human beings created by Europeans (whites) which assigns human worth and social status using “white” as the model of humanity and the height of human achievement for the purpose of establishing and maintaining privilege and power.
    Ronald Chisholm and Michael Washington
    Undoing Racism: A Philosophy of International Social Change

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