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The Melchizedek Lesson: We And GOD Are BLESSED By The Communion — 8 Comments

  1. Such a powerful word Jacob I have been taking communion daily off and on for a long time but the Lord has been prompting me to do it daily but be sure I don’t get in a mindset of just “doing” it (going through the motions) but always stop and remember to receive the power of your actions and apply them with faith and new revelation as you wait before me. The Lord said,”Write it on your heart,The blood is your most powerful weapon of warfare”.
    Thanks for sharing! my brother.
    Abundant blessings! Sandi

  2. Slain from the foundation of the world, indicates to me Christ was with the Father (daily His delight). Yeshua did NOT begin His life at the His earthly birth. He was, and is and will ever be forever Lord.

  3. As I put taking Communion in practice, I can see everything turning around in my favour in Jesus Name Amen. Thank You Pastor Jacob and Happy New Year.

  4. So deep and well put together. Also this Word is right on time for me to read.

    Thank you Jacob. God bless you and let us continue to take communion! Much love in Christ. Joyce

  5. HALLELUJA glory to God thank you Abba FATHER thank you Jesus thank you holy spirit FLOWING.  I thank you Brother for letting me know I have always sensed that communion is much more than the church has told us celebtated it only like 1x a month. Resently in September I had a heavy accident during working someone rann into me from behinde while i walked towards the entrance I hit the marble floor so hard I was unconscieous + 2 man picked me up I hurted so bad bruised my both knees my whole rigth side of the body been dizzy in the head sick written until 14 dec i ate the flesh + drank the blood of Jesus Christus as my Medicin 5 x or more daily and this quickly helped my physical hardship now I am fine again my knees need to finish healing but its just been the devils attacks slowed me down tryd it Glory Honor Fame power and MIGHT to our Beloved MESSIAH thanking him forever more forward yes amen thank you again for sharing this is very important!Blessings in on and around you

  6. Your word given to you by the Holy Spirit gave my spirit revelation I have never seen before.  I am 70 but every day I learn something new from God’s word and from other brothers to whom God reveals Himself from the scripture.  God is blessing you just as you said and He is blessing others through you.  Thank you.

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