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The Middle of the Road — 2 Comments

  1. “It is not enough to just upgrade the programs any longer, new hardware is required.” The towers are falling — towers of corruption, control and deception. Why rebuild at all? And if we do rebuild, what’s to keep the new constructs from devolving back into corruption?

  2. AMÉN,?; AMÉN,.?; AMÉN…?, but truly difficult times to relay with BLOOD OF THE LAMB
    for many whom had been prepared or understand ♥♥♥HIS TRUE FERVENT CALLS♥♥♥ all the ways alone, by loads of ZATAN, running down the current crisis.! – AMÉN.!


    JR 29.11

    IS 41.10

    2 CO 12.9

    RO 8.37

    MT 11.28

    JN 16.33

    1 JN 4.9-18

    JMS 4.1-10

    KN 3.16

    JN 3.9-17

    LK 21.36

    PS 136


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