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The System Mind or the Mind of Christ

Saints, there is a vast difference between having a mind that is based on the traditions of man coming out of what is acceptable in the religious system, or what is flowing out of the mind of Christ that esteems the least in their midst more highly then themselves.

The system mind flows out of the religious spirit much of the time but not always.

The system mind sees a clergy-laity system where they are the professional priest or clergy and the people are there to serve them instead of them being there to serve the people as the Lords bond servant.

The mind of Christ sees no clergy-laity system, but the priesthood of all believers

True there is a function of five-fold ministry, but it is not a hierarchy but foundational servant leadership.

The system mind sees church or ministry as a living entity:  “My Church, My ministry, my, my, my…”

The problem with this it is not the organic living organism called the Body of Christ.  It runs a church or ministry like it is a corporation and it is the CEO.  It has the mentality of “Its my way or the highway!”

Whereas, the mind of Christ sees church not as a building, but a people, a family and at times a military unity, when it comes to the disciplines of the spirit.

Those who operate under the mind of Christ will function as true fathers and mothers, nurturing saints with a loving discipline that wants to see people grow up into the full stature of Christ.

The system mind, sees the people as their possessions or their employees.  It sees people as “giving units” or “tithing units.”  It does not see them as unique living members of the Body of Christ with a calling and a destiny.

It thinks building my church; building my ministry; how can i advance my church?  All functioning like a business.

The mind of Christ sees them like, “How can i raise them up into their original purposes and destinies and equip them to fulfill there callings saints?”

i will be writing more on is subject.  Just wanted to keep it short flowing out of this revelation this morning.


Kevin Nugent
An apostle of the LORD.

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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