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The Month of Elul, the King is in the Field — 2 Comments

  1. Earlier this year I was driving and asking the Lord how much longer till he comes etc. I saw a license plate that said B AMAZED, then I looked at another plate next to it that said ELUL 44. I wasn’t sure what exactly ELUL was so I looked it up. 44 means Father is help. So be encouraged I believe it won’t be long now!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It’s interesting that the number 15 signifies Rest. 15, in the Hebrew numbering system, is represented by the letters Yod(10) + Hey(5). Yod also represents the hand and Hey represents the “Divine Breath” or Holy Spirit, Who is our Rest, Isaiah 28:9-12 and 1Cor 14:21. Yod Hey = YAH the abbreviation for YHVH. In addition, John 15 is about “abiding” in Jesus.
    Ruth, indeed, was led and guided by The Hand of The Spirit of Yah, to Boaz, her Kinsman Redeemer, who was to become her abiding place of love, rest, and protection, and provision.

    I close with “Solomon’s” Words to His Espoused

    Song of Solomon 1:15
    “How beautiful you are, my darling,
    How beautiful you are!
    Your eyes are like doves.”

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