The Moving of the Holy Ghost


There are subjects which many don’t wish to discuss or talk about anymore.

It does appear that we are in a crisis now; one that relates to the body of Christ.

These have become perilous days for those of us who say we are part of that body.

There are things that Jesus spoke of about the end-time; things many might have shied away from.  But we are called upon to speak of them again.

Why have we avoided talking about His angels?  The reapers?

Just what is the Bride of Christ going to look like?

What will be the condition of its health and vitality, the reality of its power and what fullness will it have obtained?

What will He see, when He looks at it on His return?

What does He see now?

It’s one thing to talk about no spots and no wrinkles; we all know about that.

But what did He say would happen before His return for His church?

What would happen, so the righteous would then shine forth as the sun, in the kingdom of their Father?  What?

I have no desire to say what “I” want to say.  Neither do I wish to speak of what I think or don’t think.

We’re going to have to move in the Holy Ghost now; there’s no time for we or me.

We will either get on track as to what the Spirit wants to do and is doing in this hour, or we will be left aside.

Tares, were never wheat to begin with.  They were sown by the evil one; the devil.

They came up with the wheat, but they were not of the good seed.  We all know about how we were to let the tares stay there until the harvest; to be gathered first.

What happens next, is what there’s been little talk of.  In many years, I don’t know if I have ever heard it preached once.

Is it possible, that there are those who never stopped to think that there are things going on in the Body, that offend The LORD.

Is it that we thought of ourselves so spiritual and right, that we did not take seriously what is written.

It couldn’t have been talking about any of us; or anyone we knew!  Why would Christ send His angels, to remove things from His Kingdom; His church?

Didn’t we start out well?  We sought the Spirit and His leading in everything we did.

The moving of the Holy Ghost was the most important thing in every service we attended.

Following the way the Spirit led, was what made us different.  And it was what caused us to have such powerful moves; such special outpourings.

I have no desire whatsoever to grieve the Holy Spirit of God; to offend Him in any way.

When we allow our programs, our desire to lead, our desire for glory and power or our own wisdom to direct things, we have offended Him.

Lights, cameras, PA equipment, video outputs and the level of entertainment we see in some assemblies, can never replace the true moving of the Holy Ghost!

He said He was going to have His angels remove those who offend, and those who are doing iniquity.

You mean in His own church?  I weep and I pray.

That is what He said.  Those of us who’ve turned to fame and fortune, big numbers, huge man-made buildings and substitutes for Holy Ghost demonstration, offend God.

Nobody wants to hear that Christ is going to clean up His church.  Why would He come back for anything less than what He started?

Why would He want a weaker, watered-down body that never fully matured or reached it’s full potential?  I shudder, because I don’t want it.

Those who have thwarted the genuine move of the Spirit, oppressed the gifts of the Spirit and hindered or stopped the ministries God placed in the Church, will change soon.

He will remove any of us who have gotten in His way.  The true church will arise; just as He said.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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