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  1. Hi Stephen

    I was prompted by Father to use the name Adonai which means my Masters and my Lords which is plural, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Ask for confirmation.

    In 2016 pope Francis on a big convocation, welcomed lucifer to his creation and his son Jesus Christ. So I asked Adonai since when is a disgraced fallen creature the father of the Creator.  And He took me to Revelation 13 which is the beast who is going to come as Jesus Christ.
    Father knew what is coming and spoke through Daniel in Daniel 2 about the the coming of the different kingdoms. The third kingdom was Alexander the great who conquered the world 300 years before the cross ✝️ and Greek became the universal language.
    So when the fourth kingdom, the Roman Catholic church, which drives the beast system, will send the beast as Jesus Christ and not as Yeshua Messiah. Therefore I believe Father play His card in advance with Alexander. The Greek alphabet doesn’t have a Y in their alphabet and the English translators use the letter I for Isou or Isous in the 1600 KJV Bible. Then afterwards they change it to Jesus.
    Yeshua means salvation. If you type in the verse parallel with Hebrew and go to Bible hub then you will see that by example Psalm 91:16 ……show him My salvation, which is Yeshua and in the rest of the Bible.

    The term or name God came into play 800 years after the cross. The first idol that receives the title God was the Hindoe idol Brahma. Let us rectify the wrong.

    • …an addition thought on “names”: Joshua = “Yehoshua” meaning “God is deliverance” “Yahweh is Salvation” is a Hebrew equivalent to Greek “Jesus” – Joshua a “type” of Christ – authored large sections of the book Joshua 24:26 – It opens at the doorstep of Israel’s entrance into Canaan.

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