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  1. Say, Sister…
    Perhaps you can send a copy of the Enforcing God’s Dominion in your City to my email…
    Have using it for a couple of years but now the blog is not sharing it no longer and i still praying it…

    Thanks for all your prayers…
    Had a stroke so repeating yours since they are quite scriptural…
    Can you help me out…
    Bless you Sister…

  2. Hebrews 13.4 Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral. 1 Corinthians 3.17 If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple. 2 Corinthians 6.14Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?  Leviticus 20:3
    And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name. in my understanding of the covenant of marriage, I can discern that people don’t run when they are in an abusive relationship that let go of that which was never pure to begin with. No one should be anyone’s cover for someone’s secret lifestyle. Secret Societies use the cover of “love they neighbor” while they secretly destroy. They don’t really honor anything else and it’s a different God they serve.

  3. I see clearly a…narcissist spirit…Yesss (I wholeheartedly AGREE) they are warlock/jerezel/witches & demonic ally psycho-narcissist) these SPIRITS are HEAVILY mastermind legions. BEWARE! They carry no empathy, no remorse solely take no responsibility for any/ALL inflicted wounds and wrongdoings toward their prey (victims). These types of individuals are indeed candidates for GOD’S GREAT WHITE THORNE JUDGEMENT SEAT. IMPENDING DEATH SMILES UPON THOSE 2B SUPREMELY believing they are untouchable & invisible. WRONG! In God’s WORD HIS WRATH SHALL PROVE serpent-tie spirits (narcissists in EVERY form) are COMPLETELY in ERROR. The lake of fire awaits THEM

    • WOW!!! I ended a relationship with a N about 9 months ago. Getting her out of my mind is like trying to shake chewing gum off your boot. This article is tragic to read yet e cause they weren’t born that way. The article however contains the advice we don’t want to hear namely, FLEE. Can narcissism be undone? I don’t know. Now that I’m a lot wiser I’ve been contemplating getting back with her. However this article has given me the frighteners somewhat. Shannen Megji has some great material on YouTube which I recommend.

  4. I’ve struggled with narc husband for 30 years. I’ve been praying and looking for answers.  I know God does not approve of divorce.  So some here are saying it’s weak and passive to be in my position. That I choose to stay to avoid rejection? Oh please. I get rejected every day of my life by my own husband. Still praying for Gods guidance in this. Every comment here suggests I divorce and that I have a religious spirit. I don’t think I do and I think that’s an easy label for someone not in this position.  It’s a loveless and harmful marriage. I don’t want to divorce just because I think I deserve better.  Is that what God expects of me?  Seems selfish.  It’s seems logical and would take strength to get away but does God really want me to run for the hills?  Or do I stay and take care of this mess of a marriage.  Don’t forget, those so easy to look down at us and scorn like you’re better, this is abuse.  Years and years of abuse. My husband is a covert narcissist.  It’s awful.

    • WOW, Your words echo how I am treated by my wife of over 30yrs, she is terrible.

      I’m pretty sure God doesnt like divorce but geee its hard, she has destroyed my family, she has all 5 of our children thinking I have the problem.

      Covert Narcissits are just aweful to say the least

      I dont know what to do

  5. I do not necessarily agree with the conclusion of “run away”…but recognize that the Narcy is a nest of Jezebel witchcraft and /or marine kingdom demons and much of this is rooted in abandonment issues and often religious control married to this with Judgementalism…accusation…childish demon…insanity demon…deception…witchcraft dogmatism…selective memory demon is tied to a subconscious demon of :”I will never forgive you”……unless you learn to obey the Holy Ghost and cast out your own demons you will never know how to cast out the contrary demons of a Narcy nest..

    • I do agree to Run away as fast as possible.  You can not help and deliver someone who is not wanting deliverance. And if you have been under that persons witchcraft you are not in a spiritual position to attempt their deliverance.
      Pray for the Lord to lead you to your own deliverance, healing and restoration. Forgive, release and surrender that person into God’s hands.
      Trust Him, and Go on in Him. That person is not your responsibility. Don’t try to be God in their lives. Don’t be co dependent on any person. Jesus is the only person we should be utterly dependent on!

  6. I wish more people understood this principle. This subject is not talked about because everyone has been taught to “walk in love”. Many a person has been trying to walk in love but instead were “just walked all over”. The sad part is people only put up with it in order to avoid Rejection. Here are some quotes that have helped me. (including Proverbs that help decide a fool from a genuine person.)

    “I saw a tombstone that read, ‘waited all my life for the narcissist to apologize’ ”
    “Loving the wrong person is only pain”
    “I gave the wrong people the ‘Right’ pieces of me”

    (if you find yourself justifying these, like “turn the other cheek” then you have a religious spirit.)

  7. Unfortunately, I married one. It truly is a demon to be reckoned with. It’s been 18 years now, I did not know what it was I was dealing with until about 12 years in. I thank God I had/have God throughout this horrendous ordeal. I should be divorced by the end of the summer, prayerfully sooner. I never knew evil like I have through this person. It sure did open my eyes to a whole lot. Now, so can pick up on that spirit like nobody’s business. I see it in a family line right now. It has been passed down from the mother to her daughter’s and so am praying for my son right now. It hurts like heck to see it manifested and working it’s craftiness against someone I love. I pray for God to open my son’s eyes so that he too can see what he is fully dealing with. I pray for his deliverance. I pray for his protection. Just as God surely covered me, I know he will cover my son as well. When I say he is a good guy, he us but he is not walking in the authority God has given him like I was/am today. So I pray for him to really reach out and draw near to the Lord, to establish a true relationship with the Father. Then and only then will he be able to see with his spiritual eyes and hear with his spiritual ears what is in front of him. Please lift him up. His name is Davohn. May Gods true peace be the portion of all those who were entangled by this foul spirit.

  8. The prime example of a narcissist in Scripture must be Absalom, who was characterised by an over-arching desire to be made king, which was presumption in this not being his calling.  Many Christians are so passive that they may allow a narcissistic person to rule over them as king, although the title accorded to them may be “pastor” or even “apostle” in some circles.  A narcissistic person will by definition seek to promote himself over the flock of God to the extent of elevating himself rather than the Lord who saved him.  It then becomes very toxic, because a presumptuous person not equipped to lead will, also by definition, be able to “lead” only by intimidation and manipulation, which is when it becomes toxic. I believe that the Lord God will even allow the worst of this to happen in order press home the non-negotiable point that only His Son may reign as King among His people and that His best leaders are those who fully take this on board.

  9. Thank you. This adds another dimension to James 1:8 regarding a double minded man being unstable in all his/her ways.


  11. Have you seen any of Dr. Les Carter’s videos on youtube?  He has been my lifeline, as I deal with a narcissistic husband.

    What you said is right on, by the way.  This does mess with your mind, Terribly!!!

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