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The Nephilim Return — 3 Comments

    • Why would an honest believer abuse verse 19, in chapter 8? Not only the comment is inflammatory and taken out of contest, it is dishonest, abusive and ungodly. The Greek ἀποκαραδοκία–apokaradokia, is is rarely found in Greek writings prior to 200 BC., and is absent from the Septuagint. Paul is using it it as an eschatological event, the glorification of humanity when become children of God, in other words, when the kingdom is established.
      God destroys satan, the whole earth is liberated and illuminated by the “sons of light,” after the final day of judgement. The glory of Yeshua is the crown that every believer will receive when the Kingdom is established. Those who will come out of the tribulation, are the sons of God “crowned with glory” and “clothed with the garments of honour.”

  1. Yes, this is true. We must stand and pray. Pray the Ecclesia of Christ rises up in unity and authority in this hour to push back the forces of darkness and advance the kingdom. Jesus Christ is Lord!

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