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The New Wineskins: Fleshing Out This New Season — 5 Comments

  1. So be it, as you have spoken from Fathers heart, the humbling of ones path leads us to the promised land of Fathers mercy and grace

  2. What comes after revival? What about all the mantles, callings and anointings that have not been completed? Revolution is a closure movement. Revolution means a complete circle. The finishing point is also the starting point. All rainbows are circular. We don’t see the bottom half of rainbows unless we are in an elevated position. The number 8 represents new life. Notice that it is composed of 2 circles. I hope this helps.

    • Yes, Peter… couldn’t agree more. We are still being called to crawl, and then to stand in the full stature of our Lord. It will come. GOd bless you, brother. Stand firm out where you are. I know you Australia is already under Father’s correction. I am praying for your nation and your prophets.

      Your brother,

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