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  1. Hi Beverly, thank you for your prophecy. I wanted to tell you that God used you to speak to me, to shout at me, to correct me, to put me right. My husband & I have been going through an extremely difficult stressful time trying to buy a house, last night we had a massive argument until the early hours & we were both broken. I had decided that was it, it was over, forget the house, forget everything.
    Then, as I do every day, I began reading this prophecy page, most of them had me in tears but when I got to the bottom of yours, it hit me hard! ‘ Change is at your door. Will you open it and accept all that I have for you or will you reject it and leave the door closed, and in so doing turn your back to Me, live in the past, and not receive all that I have for you?
    Your will, your choice, who will you choose to serve, you or Me?” Wow, I gulped, felt sick & just knew I couldn’t turn my back!
    We repented & made up, then low & behold we get the phone call we’ve been waiting for saying we can have the house!
    Praise God! He, through YOU, truly saved our marriage & our future!
    Truly a miracle! I just had to tell you, God Bless you.

    • Gem & Your Beloved, WOW! WOW! WOW! I was in tears reading your testimony. GOD IS TRULY SO GOOD TO US, BEYOND MEASURE & BEYOND ANYTHING WE COULD EVER HOPE OR DREAM FOR!!!


      THANK YOU so much for sharing! So happy for the two of you. NEW HOME. RESTORED MARRIAGE (maybe renewed marriage vows?) so many more NEW BEGINNINGS ON THE WAY!

      “Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! For you have passed the test that was put before you. You have outwitted the enemy & entered into a new level in the Heavelies, MY BELOVEDS! I AM so pleased with you, in your willingness to repent, seek Me, & My Heart, be humble, & use wise discernment. Well done, My Good & Faithful Servants, well done.

      Many doors will be opening before you in the days ahead. Seek Me & choose wisely, Beloveds. Know I AM with you, I will not forsake you. I’ve got you!”
      Love. PAPA

      • Beverly, thank you! I meant to reply the other day but things have been crazy busy here.
        Your reply had ME in tears! We’ve also considered renewing our vows and I think we definitely will once settled.
        I would love to tell everyone just how absolutely amazing God has been to us through this!
        As I said, it’s been an extremely difficult time…the people we are buying from tried to pile a load of problems onto us, now the tables have turned we’re sitting back watching all our trouble pile back onto them plus some!
        I really wouldn’t want to be in their shoes!
        Looks like we’ll get a nice clean house now and possibly with a deduction in price, I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks if you’d like.
        Thank you again, I’m very grateful.
        Praise God.

        • Gem, I’d love to hear about your newest adventures with the LORD.

          Hope all continues to go well for the two of you! BLESSINGS! Bev

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