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The Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise! And…. Peace! — 3 Comments

  1. Noise noise NOISE it is around me daily
    And GOD knows it
    PEACE is of GOD and yes the world can’t give it…absolutely NOT☝☝☝✔✔✔
    Fear, doubt and anxiety is of the enemy but how can one be free from these elements? The answer…RELEASE the noise it’s complicated, too far in front and behind…RELEASE it.

  2. Hallelujah!  This is a NOW word; it was, is, and always will be the force of darkness against the kingdom of Light.  Darkness (fear, doubt, and all the enemies of our mind) cannot co-exist in the Light and Truth of God’s way.  His ways are higher and we, His sons and daughters, walk in His authority and can control and oust the demons of infirmity and delusions.  Amen

  3. well spoken advice Mary……i believe all our lives are seeing and maybe experiencing turmoil right now at what we are seeing in our world and even within our own families and it is a battle and a real struggle but……we win because we are Gods children….in my own life there is much trouble at the moment but I know in the past what he instrucked David to do he told me to do also….and that is to praise him and worship him until my spirit is free so that i am in the realm of the spirit where he abides….it lifts my heart into his prescense in the heavenly realm where I am protected in body soul and spirit …remember he dwells in the praise of his people and there aint no devil in hell able to reach or bother us….we musst take our eyes off the problems and place them on Jesus cast all these cares upon him when we do this it frees him up to handle our problems and in this realm of Gods prescence we can now see the truth be healed and set free and not fear cause he is in control but he will just stepk back as long as wwe insist on handeling it…..these are scriptural true facts…I do this and it works….it worked for David and it will work for everyone……thank you for your wise words of advice

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