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  1. Gee Paul and Jesus must have missed the memo with moses the antitype for Apostles listed in Hebrews Stephen Hanson That being said leonard ravenhill a.w.tozer and Adrian rogers would teach quite different aspeccts with plenty of scripture and exmples throughout the bible.

  2. Two days ago in prayer I heard “tidal wave”.  I also feel there will be something hitting the east coast fairly soon. God has relocated my two grown children from where they live (each in separate eastern states) to two separate mid-western states within the last 2 months, and He moved them quickly, one by an army transfer and one is getting married to someone out in Oklahoma and moving there in Jan. My husband and I live in western NC.

  3. Thank you for your responses. It’s important to note that there is a difference between “the gift of prophecy” and the office of a prophet. Below is some information that hopefully will help hash that out for some. While it’s certainly that there are some who always tend to want to prophesy “doom and gloom.”  It’s also true that some only “prophesy beautiful and lovely things” to tickle the ears of their hearers. This has happened in the distant past with many false prophets who spoke to “please others,” and it happens today.  Hearing or reading about a prophecy that speaks of things such as are said here, can cause one to think that these things are all doom and gloom; they are not. God brings judgment to help bring others back to Him. God is not setting dates here also. 

    19 Where are now your prophets which prophesied unto you, saying, The king of Babylon shall not come against you, nor against this land? Jeremiah 37

    (There were many supposed prophets who prophesied pleasant things so as not to upset a king or others. God wants those who speak for Him to speak the truth and not just say something so as not to offend others.)

    About Prophets and ProphecyI.

    This information is used with permission from Dr. Kevin van der Weshuizen, from PMI ministries. Hopefully, it will enlighten others to the Biblical boundaries, and purposes of prophets and the gift of prophecy.

    Office of Prophet
    *direction-(never live your life solely by the word of a prophet. You need to have a revelation of that prophetic word inside you. Example of directon: Acts 21:7-16, Acts 9;10 -Ananius, Acts 10:9-22, I Kings
    *correction-ex. John 14–Pray about the word you may have. Your
    attitude or people’s (church’s) attitude may change. This type of word is intended for reconciliation or restoration of that person. II Sam. 12

    *illumination- to make things “clear” (Amos 3:7)
    *impartation-Me`tadi`domi- to share or to give. Rom. 1:11

    Gift of Prophecy
    I Co.14:3–(These are the boundaries for the “gift of prophecy”)
    Characteristics of Mature Prophets

    1. Not a novice
    2. Accurate prophetic word
    3. Accountable to other 5-fold ministries
    4. Good knowledge of the word of God
    5. Is teachable
    6. Open to correction
    7. Not a Lone Ranger
    8. Treats people with kindness
    9. Directs attention to Jesus, not to himself

    Characteristics of Immature Prophets
    1. Makes a lot of prophetic mistakes
    2. Only accountable to God (he says) not to man.
    3. Has a low-word level
    4. Generally unteachable
    5. Does not respond well to correction
    6. He is harsh with people

    Characteristics of False Prophets-
    I Thess.5:21
    1. Those who speak in the name of “other Gods”
    2. Those who speak falsely in Jehovah’s name
    3. The word is false
    4. The word does not line-up with the word of God
    5. Does not receive Godly instruction
    6. Totally unteachable
    7. Draws attention totally to himself and not to God

    True words and False Words

    1. True prophet that brings a true word–II Chron. 12:5
    2. True prophet that brings a false word–I Kings 13
    3. False prophet that brings a true word–Josh 13:22
    4. False prophet that brings a false word–Numb. 23:5-10, 22:7, 24:1
    Stephen Hanson

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