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The Old Wineskin Has Expired — It is Time to Expand and Grow! — 3 Comments

  1. I truly believe that we’re moving into the suddenlies, at least the Remnant who’ve stood their ground in spite of great persecution and much hardship!!
    I continue, in the Waiting Room, to stay faithful in the Gaps Hes placed me in to intercede. And all He’s asked me to place on the Fiery Alter has been done, (it was less than nothing anyway).
    But He showed me an explosion of His Life-Light when this chapter began, which has kept me going. It was from the Center-out out of my dross gray form, from the depths of my belly. He’ll share His Glory with none, so the less-than flesh had to be completely crucified…..OUCH!!!! DOUBLE OUCH!!
    I’m telling you, I had to look like the model in the department store window…..my whole life became so dependant on it that I went to near death measures to ensure it!! I threw ALL of it in the trash!! I am a size 8 instead of 2 (on a good day), I wear no makeup, I threw my silver in the garbage like a menstrual cloth before I ever read it in Isaiah. I wept and wept when I took off the makeup mask!! Who was this person? It’s been 9 years, birthing time is here. I don’t care anymore what man thinks, although the persecution is quite painful at times. He’s given me the Grace to endure. And my Rewarder has become my Reward!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!!
    You’ve been a huge encouragement in this very dark cave, thank you!!

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