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The Paradigm Shift and the Ancient Door — 4 Comments

  1. *THUS SAYS THE LORD GOD: Away from the headband and down from the crown. For nothing remains as it is, but what is low shall be exalted, and what is high shall be brought low.* Ezekiel 21:31
    The LORD His Holy Spirit impressed that verse to me during reading your post.
    In almost all German Bible editions this verse is written in Ezekiel 21:31. When I looked for it in English, neither KJV nor other translations have it exact on this place. Maybe someone can find it.
    John 13:19: *I AM telling you now before it happens*
    Be aware of the Sign of Jonah and all the Ninive’s touching at the upcoming Eclipse on April 8, and the Whale constellation in sky around that time.

  2. Why do people see repentance as condemnation? It’s a beautiful gift! As sin creeps in and I find myself wanting freedom from it, I get to hand it to Jesus and be clean. In a moment! It’s a precious daily exchange that I wouldn’t give up for anything. I pray that it becomes for you that open door of freedom Jesus intended it to be.

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