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The Pathway of Discovery and Recovery — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Sandi. Well said, very timely and totally accurate. My wife and I are in exactly the position you described regarding change, making new friends and letting go of the past etcetera. It’s not easy, but best. I am a Jew by natural birth and met Jesus like Paul did in 1968. I have been in ministry since then and should be “retired” but preachers never retire…they receive new assignments. We closed our church decades ago because the Lord spoke of this very thing and told us to get out off the “rut”. At present, we are packed and ready to go to our new and best assignment ever to a “new land”. He has given visions of closed doors and of newly opened doors and a harvest field evangelists can only dream of. I already reach into 28 nations and my and old web site reaches more than 1 million people with teaching messages like you spoke of . The best is yet to come… I wish more believers would see what you shared.

    • Dear Robert, How exciting to hear from you. I am very blessed to hear a part of your story. Praying you will keep pressing on for surely the best is yet to come. I could feel the anointing of joy unspeakable and the tangible fear of the Lord as I read your words. May your new land be filled with new promises, new converts, and new opportunities that the Lord has already in place for you. Thank you so much for your input and confirming words. Send this word to anyone you desire. May the blessing of the Lord go before you and prepare the ground. May His love melt every heart as you release it in abundance. Sandi Holman

  2. Hi Sandi, One could say we are walking on the road less travelled, but to me it is the road never travelled. He is the light that propels us forward and as you have said, some things are only understood in the Secret Place. He truly is leading us into a much deeper walk of faith. Holding onto Jesus tightly when everything around does seem like sinking sand.  My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteous. This word is deep. Deep is calling unto deep. So much to reread here. Love you sister. ❤️

    • Dear Patricia, We truly are walking a road we have never walked before. Literally,I am hearing that every single day.Deep is calling unto deep. Thanks ever so much for your input, dear sister. You are much loved! Sandi

    • I am so blessed, Success, that you are blessed and your kindness to let me know you can relate. I thank God HE spoke to you through me. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Sandi

    • Sarah, You are so welcome. God is an on-time God. I believe we are all sensing it is indeed time. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Sandi

  3. What a perfect word for NOW.
    Yesterday’s over, the Future’s ahead- and its the Uncertainty of NOW that is as quicksand to a walk-by-faith. We can’t go around the mountain anymore, that’s for sure.

    This post is a confirmation on so many levels, was a refreshing to read it. Thanks Sister.

    • Happy Thanksgiving dear friend, I appreciate your input so much. So happy for refreshment and confirmation..Well put, my sister, “its the Uncertainty of NOW that is as quicksand to a walk-by-faith!” That surely is a mouthful of truth. Love and blessings, Sandi

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