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The Pendulum Swings on Duo Subjects Today — 2 Comments

  1. I thank u for this word ,it really spoke to me bc I’ve been in a battle with Satan for 2 wks and I know God is walking with me and leading me ,I know things are gonna get better for me if I keep holding his hand ,I might not like what I have to do to obey him but if it my decision doesn’t leave me at Right Standing with God then I know that I have to turn from this person and let them find their own way just as we all have to do ,this is one trip we have to take just with our Lord Jesus Christ not letting anyone or anything get in the way ,It’s just as the song said It’s a road we have to travel to I love My Lord and I will not turn my Face away from him ,he will take care of me ,I love u Mama Joice / Sherrie

    • Sherrie, I know you love God so very much! Also that you seek Him with a whole heart.
      I’m praying for you and know you will seek to only be guided by His precious spirit. I’m honored to know and walk with you. I love you too, Sherrie. So glad the Lord let our paths cross in the tent meeting. ❤️

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