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The Picture of a Prophet — 5 Comments

  1. No frills truth!  Father in Jesus’ Name, open the eyes of our understanding and give us Your spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You in Christ Jesus.  True Peace in Jesus alone.  Thank you for posting.

  2. I pray that your writings, beliefs, your cries are read by believers and spiritually understood. I praise GOD for giving HIS HOLY WORD and warning to you.
    May the LORD bless you sevenfold in all that you willingly do for HIM. HE is your strength. I do hope you will press forward and listen for more from GOD. I for one, am hungry for this.
    Bless you, my brother!

  3. Outstanding summary of truth about prophets and the current www situation. Writing this during loud rolling thunder, clouds are getting darker each minute, and lightnings will follow. Brother, thank you for this holy anger, this holy outcry.
    Btw… long ago, years ago, I shared here at HKP that the first name of my son is Steven, too, but in german “edition”… In latin it is “Stephanus”. It means crown. I did not know this when he was born. But anyway – brother – it is written, and that time is NOW – where no one needs to teach or preach any longer or warn each other. All is said and
    done. Take shelter and refuge in Him, because time is running out, and devils are running around like crazy. I do not share how perverted they were/are acting just in these days. GOD KNOWS.

  4. Two weeks ago I shared with my bosses two of them it was on Paul and John the Baptist,and this is confirmation for us,that we are having right understanding,I believe and receive all that is written.

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