The Plumb Line of the LORD

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Come Soar Like An Eagle

Do not become weary in well doing, but know that I do order your steps and at times I ask you to leap into My presence, for as you fly you move quickly, swiftly and powerfully.

Spiral into My heavenlies, and see the very world that I have asked you to conquer from a high and lofty place.

A place of vision is a place of intercession, and a place of intercession is an attitude of the heart, and out of the abundance of the heart My people speak.

Fly into My love, soar like an eagle and don’t grow weary My children for you belong to Me.

The Plumb Line of the LORD 

Prepare ye the way of the LORD.  For the King is coming very soon!

I have ACCELERATED your life and your circumstances through the events that have caused you to be misunderstood, to be judged, and even by your fellow brethren, cursed for righteousness.

But don’t be concerned, for great is your reward.  When you are misunderstood, you are accelerated into My Glory.  When you are judged, you have the opportunity to forgive and forget and go forward.

This is a BREAKTHROUGH time and season.  Preparing the way of the LORD is preparing your heart for the GLORY, the MAJESTY and the EQUIPPING of His anointing within your heart.

Remember, the power that is working within you will manifest in a greater way.  This season, this time and this acceleration is My gift to you.  For what created pain and tears, will indeed become joy and laughter in the morning.

So ARISE and SHINE, put on a new MANTLE, for I have chosen you to fulfill a very specific destiny and call, designed just for you to achieve, to be a building block in My Kingdom.

Restore the peace, the anointing and the authority of My Kingdom in your life.

This POWER and this TESTIMONY will cause many people to follow after you, and they will see that I lead you, and I guide you and have not forsaken you.  I have allowed circumstances to pull you a little off course, so that I could accelerate you into the true PLUMB LINE OF THE LORD.

“Thus He showed me: Behold, the LORD stood with a plumb line in His hand.  And the LORD said to me, “Amos, what do you see?” And I said “A plumb line,”   Amos 7:7-8a.

“Go up to the mountains and bring wood and build the temple, that I may take pleasure in it and be glorified, says the LORD,”   Haggai 1:8.


~ Doug Patterson

Doug PattersonDoug Patterson
is a Prophetic Warrior and Seer, often painting the visions given him by the Lord.  Doug ministers under an Apostolic Power Mantle resulting in Breakthrough, Healing and Restoration.  His Ministry, Power Encounters, equips and activates the saints to greater works in the Kingdom of God.  Doug and wife, Linda, are founders of Shekinah Restoration Centre and reside in Canada.

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