The Plumb-line Prophets are Rising!  


Jeremiah addressed false prophets more than any other.  He saw mud in the waters that once were pure.

In addressing the prophetic he saw folly.  They prophesied by Baal and led people astray.

They only spoke peace and good things when often times repentance was needed. They were speaking visions from their own hearts; not God’s.

God had listened to what they were saying in His name through words, dreams, and visions and called the prophets liars.

He addressed low morals, lack of character, that they had invented their own messages that He didn’t speak, that many of them didn’t have a call from Him to speak prophetically and yet they were, and called them plagiarists for copying another’s revelations.

There is a refining happening in the prophetic movement right now that I personally am very grateful for.

As the LORD highlighted Jeremiah 23 to me, He said much.  But what I also feel to share today was how He led me then to His own words in red in Matthew 7:22,

“MANY will say to Me in that day, LORD, LORD, have we not PROPHESIED in Your name, cast our demons in Your name, and done many WONDERS in Your name?
And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!”

Plumb-line Prophets are Rising!  

As God begins to stir and clean the waters of the prophetic, you will begin to see a people of purity rising to the surface of the prophetic stream.

These are those who have seen the error of their ways.  They have seen mixture within themselves and they have repented.  Their lives are being transformed.

The fire is not only purifying their hearts and minds, but is igniting them with a fiery passion and boldness to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them God!

These are those who pray more than they say, but when they do, their words pierce the hardest of hearts; shifting atmospheres and releasing Abba’s heart with great purity and power.

These are those who have turned from the fame and fortune and kept their eyes on Him.

They couldn’t be bought; not even by popularity.  They love without measure, yet won’t bow their knee when the harder things need to be said.

These are those with a passionate devotion to His word.  They are eating it as a scroll like never before.

They are embracing every aspect of His heart; His character, His nature.

These are those Abba has held in His reserves, the special forces, who will be sent out in boldness and love, but will speak His truth, His whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

They will not add or take away, they will say the hard things, and they cannot be bought.

There’s a showdown coming in the spirit between the false prophet and the plumb-line prophet.

Things must be torn down, for us to truly come together in His name; speaking in unity the words of His heart.

The plumb-line prophets are rising to set His house in order.  They are rising, for such a time as this.


With love and hope,
~ Brian & Julie Price

Brian & Julie PriceBrian and Julie Price are prophetic warriors for the Kingdom of God with hearts burning for purity in the prophetic, a longing to see the captives set free, and a generation rise; equipped, empowered, and encouraged to walk as sons and daughters of God!
They are prophetic seers/ intercessors, with testimonies of hope and healing in their own lives from various forms of abuse and hurts, pain and mistakes, tragedy and betrayals, they’ve been forged in the fire and come forth gold for the glory of the Kingdom!
Together, Brian and Julie have a background in inner healing, deliverance and public speaking, having served in numerous ways in ministry for many years; equipping them to see people set free and launched into their destinies!
From Morgantown, WV, Brian and Julie reside with their precious son Cole, where they actively serve in their home church, Covenant Church, in Fairmont, WV.
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