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The Power in Intercessory Prayer — 5 Comments

  1. A prayer for mercy over the land. That nations and leaders would turn back to God. To
    awaken the blind and downtrodden. For peace to reside in the hearts of man.

    Thank you Jesus.

  2. C.E.V.B.

    AC 5.19

    JN 14.15

    RO 5.19

    PHP 2.1-11

    1 SM 15.22

    EX 19.1-10

    2.JN 1

    IS 1.19

    DT 28

    DT 5.33

    JMS 4

    HEB 13.17

    HEB 5.9

    MT 7.21

    CL 3.20

    LK 9.23

    LK 6.46

    JR 7.23

    PS 119.60

    EX 23.22

    PR 10.17

    LV 22.23

    RV 14

    2 TH 1

    PS 143.10

    AMÉN..! Intercede for AMERICA & EARTH..!

    IF YOU IGNORE THIS CALL, Your fake faith, means part of ZATAN EVIL world. AMÉN.!

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