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The Power of God’s Grace — 2 Comments

  1. Mine is a similar story and how beautiful are the testimonies! God is so incredible, sometimes He blows my mind!
    I’m constantly in awe that He would speak… To ME!
    My deep healing and deliverance was a process that took nearly three years. But it was time spent literally at the feet of Jesus. No job. No extracurricular activities. No friends.
    Oh, the long-suffering of our glorious Saviour.
    I was set free from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, men, etc. Then the real deliverance came afterward: Strongholds. Rejection, abandonment, trauma, depression and despair, death and suicide, anxiety, self-hatred, hopelessness, and on and on.
    There were many people I needed to forgive and the Lord was gracious to show me each and every one. In addition, I, too, had to take responsibility for my actions and stop blaming my childhood and everyone else, for my own poor choices.
    The very last person I was told to forgive, was: Myself. I couldn’t even do it the first day! The next day, I battled through, and was powerfully set free!
    The Lord is so merciful. I wouldn’t have put up with me…But He never gave up on me.
    And for that, I’m eternally grateful!!
    Thank You, JESUS
    And thank you, Robin, for sharing.

  2. Yes, thank you Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Trinity God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, set us completely free.And experience supernatural love, divine and holy love.

    Because of your love we choose to forgive and love our neighbor as ourselves.

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