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The Preparation and Training of a Prophet (Pt.1) — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you!!!  This describes my life exactly- from childhood to now.  This was so very encouraging because I was really a starting to despair.  But now I am reminded that this is fire to purify.

  2. Thank you!…you’ve written exactly what I needed to hear…
    Ever get the feeling you haven’t stumbled upon something (in this case a post about prophetic training) but rather you’ve been led?! 
    So much of what you’ve written and suggested has encouraged and reassured me…
    I’ve been asking God for just that.  The hope to keep going and to press in and yet to rest while pressing in. 
    Oh the paradox of God..  Life has been such a battle for so so many years… to the point of battling cancer in the last 12 months…not sure that it could get any harder…and yet in my eyes and in my heart God is so so good…and He just keeps getting better and better…of all the posts on the internet, this is the only one I clicked on when God gave me a prophetic journal entry and highlighted a couple of words…and you posted it within the last couple of days!…just what I needed to hear and just when I needed to hear it…timing!…ah God is so good!

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