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The Presents of My Presence Are Awaiting You! — 3 Comments

  1. Halllelujah Thank you Lord I receive every gift I receive every covenant blessing I recieve your Love. I receive your goodness. I receive the leading and guiding through the power of your Holy Spirit.in Jesus name and thank you Jo Ellen for this word.

  2. I love this word sister!  Gifts have and are continually given to those who seek Him first in all things.  He is the Gift I desire the most; to be in His presence is a given if I am abiding in Him.  The gift of the Holy Spirit is ours for the taking; He has our name written in Himself and He is the Gift that keeps on giving and giving to those who are ready to follow Him into dimensions not yet seen.  I am running to Him more and more; seeking the Father’s heart for this time and season.  Hallelujah! :)

  3. I believe and recieve Heavenly Father bless you daughter for revealing this word.Amen.

    On Wednesday night was reading the word spending time soking in His word and smells of sweet aroma was I front of me as I was reading,thank you for confirming sister

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