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The President Trump Doll Restoration — 25 Comments

  1. I originally posted this comment on Richard’s Watch:

    Joe Biden is definitely a doll or a puppet of the CCP. It seems like anything made in China usually falls apart. Anything made by the Lord stands the test of time.

    “1946/ HAND-MADE MADE FOR AMERICA” President Trump was born in 1946.

    “I also saw that a big piece of the right foot was broken off.” This reminds me of Jacob wrestling with the angel. The angel touched his thigh and then Jacob walked with a limp. Even though Jacob walked with a limp, he had power with God and was a transformed man and his name was changed to Israel. President Trump will grow stronger in faith because of what he has been through in the past four or five years.

    RIDING THE DRAGON: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets

    The Skies Over Beijing Turn Black in Middle of Day as Government Passes New Laws Against Christians

  2. Veronika, TY for obeying God. Revival/Restoration for U.S./Pres.CNC Trump. Amen. “7” foot baths seems symbolic of Nov/20-6/21 timeline God has U.S./Pres./CNC Trump on. God bless/keep you FB friend & sister in Christ. Michael Anthony

  3. Veronica,
    I came to know of your prophetic dream on Facebook of all places as you and I are FB friends. I noticed that the 3rd RHEMA to you was about “Restoration” and “Repair.”  I know that biblical words usually have dual meanings, and in this case I believe your dream is all about America & Pres./CNC Trump both being revived & restored (repaired).

    The “7” times submersion & removal of the damaged doll’s foot to a “completely repaired and fully restored” foot may be symbolic of “7” months (11/3/20-6/3/21) of time for God’s timing to accomplish His will for both U.S. & Pres./CNC Trump to be “completely repaired and fully restored.” 

    Prophet (now deceased) Kevin Clement’s 2013 Prophesy clearly named a “Donald” being anointed/appointed by God for “2” Terms as U.S. POTUS. 

    TY for being faithful/obedient to God dear sister, Veronika. Michael Anthony :)

  4. After 120 days the TRUMPET of A…. is coming back according TO GOD’S WILL ??

    18 may 2021 ???

    Que DEUS nos proteja.

  5. Thank you for the obedience to write the dream Veronica. I’m asking you and other commenters about Trump and his conversion. The bad fruit he shows right now: he is pushing the experimental genocide shot, the headquarters of the company that sells the blood taken from tortured children is at Trump towers (see Israeli News Live on Brand new Tube entitled The Coming Water Shortages and Bombshell Blood Drinks for documentation of this) and while president he put many known Synagogue of Satan Jewish people in positions of power all around him. He slunk out of presidential seat without a fight despite a stolen election that he clearly won. He is so obviously evil, I don’t understand all the prophecies pointing to him as a good thing for our country is it because God is going to change him to be a good man, instead of an obvious sold out Cabalist evil actor? I’m seriously asking the question.

    • Surely if President Trump is as you claim, we must rather be relieved that, allegedly, “he slunk out .. without a fight” so that is now no longer in position in the White House to be able to perpetrate his evil?

      • Thanks Mark. You are right and Trumps actions have shown him for what he is, so that fthose who have eyes to see and are not blinded by his words will see the bad fruit that he is. I voted for him both times knowing the Synagogue of Satan had trump as their candidate for controlled opposition. We only had trump as the lesser of two evils. He did enough to keep a few people happy and said a lot that kept others happy. If he only would do what he says. But maybe all these prophecies are saying that God will change him into a good man. God still does miracles and that would be a huge one.
        Thanks again. People just don’t care that he slunk out. A Truth like many others about him that they simply cannot face. Like 9/11 government perpetrated slaughter, CIA drug running and sex trade.  Pictures of Trump pal-sy with Epstein and other satanists. It overwhelms people. But God helps us face the Truth. I made this post so that maybe one person will face it. Start with Christians, God is our only Hope.

        • Joanie,
          I think you have misunderstood my comment. [I used the words “if” and “allegedly” and ended with a question mark.] In one sense only God is good, but if we must judge whether people are good or bad, I would say without doubt that Donald Trump is a good man. 

  6. I e felt that Trumpwould somehow be restored—that the Lord wasn’t through with him, and I feel that thisconfirms it.

  7. Thank you Veronica. Your dream rings true. One thing I’ve sensed the Lord show me constantly about Biden is that he is a puppet, manipulated & used by dark powers behind the “throne.”

  8. Wonderful! Bless you Veronica. My wife Joan and I, here in Australia, look forward to hear what God reveals. We rejoice in the coming righteousness and justice.

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