The price of an Anointing


SOMEBODY, let me speak to you about the anointing you have asked God to pour out on you on many occasions.  THE ANOINTING COMES THROUGH WARFARE.  It comes through pain, suffering, trials and afflictions.

The more God wants you to carry, the more warfare from the kingdom of darkness you will undergo.  For understand that before God can entrust His great power into your life, there must be something major that you will have overcome.  That is why there appears to be a paradox the moment you ask for power.  You begin to undergo unexplainable warfare that will make you want to give up.  NEVER TAKE A TRUE AND ANOINTED MAN OF GOD FOR GRANTED, FOR THE ANOINTING ON THEM DID NOT COME CHEAP.

Go through the whole of Scripture and check the anointed men of God: what kind of battles they had to face.  Personally, when I see a righteous child of God go through fire, I am never too sympathetic: because I understand due process, for before the oil can come forth from the olives, they must be totally crushed, then the oil will begin to flow.  Some of you reading this are currently undergoing this divine procedure.  You have asked for power but when your processing began you started to cry for deliverance.  I advise you to be still and finish your preparations.  The anointing does not come cheap.

Now I will bring you into the Scriptures.  Do you think there was any seriously anointed man or woman of God in it who never saw the fires of affliction?  For Abraham had to endure the shame of childlessness for 100 years; but now he is the Father of the Faith.  He believed in God too much.  Joseph was hated by his siblings, separated from his family for 14 years, and unfairly cast into prison before he could rise to the position of prime minister of Egypt.  Moses came close to losing his life in Egypt and spent 40 years in the wilderness before he could be called the Deliverer of Israel.  There are some who have only seen 2 years of fire and now they are ready to give up.

David was chased around by Saul in the wilderness for 14 years before he could rise into the position of Kingship.  Elijah had Ahab and Jezebel to keep him on his toes in the wilderness before he could walk in that serious anointing you love so much.  Daniel had to spend a night with hungry lions and face major trials before he could receive those great revelations from God.


John the Apostle had to be boiled in oil, not die, and be exiled to Patmos before he could receive the Book of Revelation from Jesus Christ.  Yes, I see you want major revelation. [Smile].  Jesus had to be tempted by none other than the Devil himself before He could walk in the great power that He did.  Even for Him to be given all power in heaven and on earth, He had to overcome Satan, the cross, and hell. It was not easy.  So, tell me again about your prayer point for Smith Wigglesworth’s anointing.

Peter had to be sifted by Satan before the responsibility of leading the Church could be laid on his shoulder.  He went through major fire and temptations on that crucifixion morning.  Paul had to be in constant warfare from men and powers of darkness, always at the point of death, being jailed, stoned, whipped, and more, before he could walk in the power of working miracles and raising the dead that he did.  THE ANOINTING DOES NOT COME EASY AND FREE.  That is why again you must honor it wherever you find it.

John the Baptist had to live in the wilderness before he could convert Israel and prepare them for Jesus.  His end had to be death by decapitation: the cost of carrying the anointing.

So, I will ask you again: what is your story for the anointing you are asking for, or have?  What have you gone through to deserve to walk in the power of God?  Because, you must go through something, either before, during, or after.

The day I asked the Lord for a serious anointing that was on one of His generals, power to raise the dead, is the same day that I knew that God does instantly hears my prayers.  That was 7 years ago.  For I received an anonymous call from someone whom I had never spoken to, neither had I given him my number.  But he called me by my phone number and first name as given to him by God and with a message for me: ‘I have heard your prayer, and the anointing that you have asked for shall be given to you, [but then he added] but Satan must take you through the fire.’  That is the day I understood that ASKING FOR THE ANOINTING IS SYNONYMOUS TO ASKING FOR FIRE.

I did go through the fire shortly after that, too much it was, but I made it through and entered into the grace I operate in now.  Let me tell you that it was not easy.  Many are the times when I would have given up and said ‘forget it’, but I did not.  The anointing is very expensive to obtain.

You can even die in the process of seeking to operate under an anointing, because at times the fire is too much.  That is why I am here to encourage someone who prayed to God for greater abilities to serve Him, but now you are undergoing tough and unexplainable circumstances. HOLD ON TO YOUR FAITH.  If these men made it into the major graces they carried, and I did, so will you, by faith, persistence and perseverance.


May the Lord grant you the victory of Moses and Elijah over Satan; may divine wisdom enable you to escape the wiles of the Devil and come forth on the other side. May the Lord remove your focus from men to see that it is He who is molding you for your season of greatness in Jesus name.

Though you are undergoing fire at the present, may the Lord bring you forth unscathed and usher you into the anointing that will bring you into a great destiny.  I declare that you will not fall or fail, for I see you on the other side and you are filled with the glory of the King.


Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams




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  1. I receive all these words in the Name of Jesus! Thank you for sharing with us. God bless you my beloved! Amen