The Prophecy Candle


On the first Sunday of Advent a purple candle is lit. 

This candle is typically called the “Prophecy Candle” in remembrance of the prophets, primarily Isaiah, who foretold the birth of Christ.

This candle represents hope or expectation in anticipation of the coming Messiah.

In my mind, there is no better hymn that describes the emotions associated with the coming of Christ into our lives than the words of the Hymn, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.”

Emmanuel, עִמָּנוּאֵל, (‛immânû’êl, im-maw-noo-ale’) is translated from ancient Hebrew language to mean, “God with us.”

Although the English words we will sing this Advent have only been around since 1861, the origination of the hymn can be traced back to a seventh century English poet.

God’s people have been reflecting and have been deeply moved by the words

🌟 “O come, God be with us” 🌟  …..for a very long time.

This hymn tells the story of Israel’s hope for the fulfillment of Isaiah’s promise of a savior.

We as Christians are able to now look back at the fulfillment of the promises made to God’s people and rejoice because of Christ.

Yet, we too are a people desperate for God’s presence to bring healing and peace to a broken world.

During this season of Advent where we anticipate the gift of God’s self to the world, let’s allow the words of this hymn to be more of a prayer than words just annually sung.

A very wise man once said “song is a prayer in a weary throat.”

We who are weary this Advent have the hope of Christ’s coming.

May we sing with great anticipation this Advent because there is great news — Jesus is just around the corner!

🌟 Lord, we sense your power and your might and we stand in awe of the hope you give.

As we begin this Preparation For Christmas journey, teach us to turn to you as our hope.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel that mourns in lonely exile here until the son of God appears.

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to you, O Israel 🌟


In His Shadow,
~ Mary Lindow ©

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” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

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