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  1. “You aren’t alone, there are many walking with you, but don’t follow after them, for then surely you will fall”

    Yes, I find this is a kind of a ‘key’, every one has his way with the Lord and every connection with fellow beleivers must be only through the Spirit and not through the flesh.
    This will be the true army of the Lord.

  2. Thank you! Last night He spoke some amazing things to me and this is a continuation of what He said! Thank you for encouraging me. It truly is a blessing to know that there are others who understand as well.
    I asked Him about that and He said that we are all spread out so that we can all have an influence on where we are living. God bless you! And continue on, your influencing many! :)

  3. Amen, there is nothing hidden that wont be known, i cant wait coz most people think its only for some, nope its for everybody. What a day it will be before the throne of God, when every thought, action, secret thing will be put open (big screen) for all people in the earth to see. Wooooow!!!!!

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