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  1. Yes. This is what’s happening. These are like Josiah and Hezekiah. These are the Koathites. They will be table flippers and Levites who watch over the holy things of God. I’ve had many strong words pertaining to this specific call.

  2. These are those who consume and stand in ‘The Wheat Field of the Word of the Lord’ The Wind is blowing as He builds upon the ROCK as w/Peter – THE ROCK of the REVEaled WORD.
    Matt. 16:18 KJV John1:14 KJV Rev. 21:3 KJV

  3. The missing seat is not another prophet. The missing seat is the tabernacle. It is a hard thing to understand. Seek the Lord for answers.

  4. The building / tabernacle that the Lord is building is solely eternal.

    It’s not about any person, adgenda, earthly building or platform, or recognition.

    It’s solely about Jesus. And He’s the builder/ carpenter.

    This is most serious to the Lord!!!!!!!

    HE builds the church upon the Rock / Himself, Jesus Christ.

    It is NOT to be us building Jesus/ the Rock, upon (what we have seen or tried to build) as the church.

    • I’m not suggesting in any way that this will be man-made. It’s what the Lord showed me that He is about to do. He will use us of course but He will only use those that He trusts with these tasks. This is nothing to do with what we want. This is God’s plan.

      • Good morning, sir!
        Since March of 2013 I have read the dreams given to a lady whom I believe will be one of these 16 seated at the table. I was delighted to see the number 16, because this is one number that was given to her.
        Thank you for the many words from the Lord that you have shared with us. They are manna for the soul.
        Blessings to you always,

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