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The Race of Christianity — 3 Comments

  1. I completely agree with the line above- “It grieves my heart to see and hear those that say they are sons of God operating in hate bitterness and anger, because of race, creed or color.”  Did you notice the line- “The true love of God doesn’t see difference it only sees souls”?  Oh, how true!  But discrimination goes deeper yet, & she could have added to this list- ‘sex’!  The first quote could then more inclusively read- “race, creed, color, or sex”!  The deeper we venture in our spiritual walk, the more we will learn that we are spirit/soul Light beings of the Light Kingdom.  Light is neither male or female.  In fact, this blind prejudice in some parts of the church system also would say that Barbara, & other females, cannot be apostles, that only men can.  Hog wash!  Where were those deceived ones when the Lord gave Barbara the anointing to be His apostle?  Won’t you please prayerfully help tare down these awful walls of unbelief & discrimination still standing in the church?  rick

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