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  1. LET GOD ARISE- ALL HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED! Thank You LORD as You Pour out your Spirit upon All Flesh! May we be SUDDENLY Transformed as Your Will Manifests Here on Earth as It is in HEAVEN! Let YOUR KINGDOM COME Father & May the kingdoms of this world be Reformed to become the Kingdoms of GOD, And HIS CHRIST, & HE Shall REIGN Forever & EVER-Rev. 11:15 OH Lord GOD BE GLORIFIED as You are DOING A NEW THING!!! We know that YOU LORD Will ALWAYS HAVE THE FINAL WORD!☝

  2. So good.  Right on. It was amazing that on Nov 5, Guy Fawkes Day in England where the gunpowder treason plot was uncovered a few hundred years ago, that the fraud and deception of what is happening in America against the purposes of God are also being uncovered.  Like the old Guy Fawkes Day Poem, “Remember Remember, the 5th of November, the Democrat treason and plot.  There is no reason why Democrat treason, should ever be forgot.”

  3. Thus saith the true and living spirit of Yahweh:

    Jeremiah 42…….Jeremiah’s Advice to Stay (selah)
    7 At the end of ten days, the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah, 8 and he summoned Johanan son of Kareah, all the commanders of the armies who were with him, and all the people from the least to the greatest.

    9 He said to them, “This is what the Lord says, the God of Israel to whom you sent me to bring your petition before him: 10 ‘If you will indeed stay in this land, then I will rebuild and not demolish you, and I will plant and not uproot you, because I relent concerning the disaster that I have brought on you. 11 Don’t be afraid of the king of Babylon whom you now fear; don’t be afraid of him’—this is the Lord’s declaration—‘because I am with you to save you and rescue you from him. 12 I will grant you compassion, and he[a] will have compassion on you and allow you to return to your own soil.’

    13 “But if you say, ‘We will not stay in this land,’ in order to disobey the Lord your God, 14 and if you say, ‘No, instead we’ll go to the land of Egypt where we will not see war or hear the sound of the ram’s horn or hunger for food, and we’ll live there,’ 15 then hear the word of the Lord, remnant of Judah! This is what the Lord of Armies, the God of Israel, says: ‘If you are firmly resolved to go to Egypt and stay there for a while, 16 then the sword you fear will overtake you there in the land of Egypt, and the famine you are worried about will follow on your heels[b] there to Egypt, and you will die there. 17 All who resolve to go to Egypt to stay there for a while will die by the sword, famine, and plague. They will have no survivor or fugitive from the disaster I will bring on them.’

    18 “For this is what the Lord of Armies, the God of Israel, says: ‘Just as my anger and fury were poured out on Jerusalem’s residents, so will my fury pour out on you if you go to Egypt. You will become an example for cursing, scorn, execration, and disgrace, and you will never see this place again.’

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