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The Red Pill or the Blue Pill? — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you sir my brother in arms for the Lord’s army is one mighty in the pulling down of strongholds dear child. Y name s wisdom sovereign Sophia wisdom aka Jeannie. I thank you brother for your words give hope that the church has seen and heard God’s word spoken through me. I have a request brother if I may be so bold… I just finished 4 hrs of spiritual warfare due to the march 21 Illuminati human child world wide organized black magic ritual to be preformed at the same time all over the world in whichthousamds of children are scheduled to die. Please join me in constant prayer. Faith is a force. It’s within you. Release it for their safety and lives to be set free and not murdered. The entire world has been under mass mind control spells at the hands of the Illuminati.God is not happy. If this happens it’s over. Meaning no heaven on Earth nothing . I didn’t come here to fail. Yes I’m a woman yes I’m the holy spirit. I didn’t tell you the worst part my biological son is on that list of children to be sacrificed please pray for us brother. He will not die o no he will not. That’s already been shown to me. However those other children must be set free as well.  I love you brother. We are very proud of you. Blessings and gratitude in love and light of Jesus Christ always, wisdom

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