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  1. Thank you Yolanda for delivering this word. About 3 years ago the Lord gave me a dream. My daughter and i were dancing and worshipping the Lord before a large congregation. There was a wooden board behind us with many empty wine glasses pinned to it. While dancing i touched the glasses and they would slip from the wall like melting ice and crash on the floor. It offended many and in much anger they got up and left. Some were screaming in anger.
    Then i moved off the stage into one of the isles and felt as though i was about to give birth in the Spirit. It was deep and when i opened my mouth i ROARED out in tongues. Many people put their fingers in their ears screaming and running out of the church. But those that remained were worshipping with joy.
    I was afraid because i roared in tongues but no interpretation was given. I ran to my pastor who was sitting in a pew. And with fear (because no interpretation was given) i explained that i couldn’t help myself it was like i gave birth to it and couldn’t stop it.But my pastor was smiling with great joy. The dream ended with only a few people left in the church worshipping.
    Not long after i was at a prayer meeting and a woman told me the Lord showed her right now I’m quiet like a little mouse but that I’m about to ROAR.
    I believe the what the Lord showed you. I am one of those called to roar. WAHOO!!!!
    Also a few days later i was praying with a few people and at the end my pastor was looking at me and smiling and said “God showed me you’re about to give birth.”
    The word from the Lord you brought today has given me much joy in the middle of afflictions.
    Thank you,
    Tina Varnado

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