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  1. Prayers faith added to your humble request of sharing the details of breaking down of pride in us that been taught one way to find out the enemy hidden ties of lies of self destruction worshiping of one self as others… I was trapped also in wheel of pride that fear of knowing all and more than my church family and friends got worst out of me my heart was racing to famousness not love as I was foolishness of lifting all not seeing judgement of why can’t you be as I not Christ centered belief system… I needed fear of knowing what is love and God is love so I need to be love without love it is evilness… Vain deeds of miracles.. I am now learning grace, mercy and compassion on others testimony of hidden demons of mirrors of who the fairiest of them all complexity of women… Holy is love shine of obedience is real but beauty is knowing that aging back is layers of sins wipe way .. new beginning of new truth of love is under the grime of prideful thinking.. You are loved and you all are love in motion and prayers for you all as you are best of both worlds… Hugs my sister and brother

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