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The Religious Spirit — 2 Comments

  1. Wow…..This is so needed today to hear right now probably back then too! I appreciate this article so much because Mr. Ty explained it so well for me to understand. Thank You!

  2. Shortly, the religious spirit can “read”(Scriptures) but not “hear” (the voice of the Father). The spirit in man is the same as “thought”,so not hearing means you speak and act from what you can understand with your own (religious) spirit contrary to when you hear the Holy Spirit, which is the Father’s thoughts.

    Jesus gives an example of this difference when He says to Simon Bar Jinah that He is “blessed” because flesh and blood (preaching from humans) had not made that Simon “came to Christ” but Simon had heard the voice of the Father himself.

    Christ means “anointing” so when er say we believe in Jesus Christ we say we believe in His anointing, that we believe in that He heard and did nothing unless He first had heard it from the Father. This is also the mening with to guard the tounge, so we only speak what we are taught directly from the Father.

    The religious not hearing human is what Paul means when he say “how can they preach without having heard (the Father)”.
    God bless you Try.

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