The Remnant from the Ruins



I feel impressed to bring this word forward again..  This Word has been coming on Since September 2009 and is FRESH AND NOW..  even as the day I received it from the Lord.   I know He is DOING THIS…  HE IS BRINGING THEM…  UP EVEN NOW….  FROM THE RUINS OF RELIGION


I am moving in a new way now, working behind the scenes.  If you look you will see Me doing many things.  So many have walked so far away, it takes time to bring them back, back to Me, I bring them now to WALK WITH ME IN WHITE.

On September twelfth, I began My NEW THING.  Twelve is the number for this governmental perfection.  See this and know twelve Tribes and twelve Men form the foundations below.  See Me and my administrative motion, watch My men go!  For I do a NEW THING.  Special men are rising up now, prepared by Me for this hour.  These men are rising from all over the globe.

I want you to know these men, not trained in institutions of man, but with Me THEY HAVE BEEN, IN WILDERNESS PLACES.  They come to the rising of this hour to walk with Me in the power of My Might, to bring down the foe.  These men are predicted, you know, in the Word Long ago; see them explained as “A SPECIAL REMNANT”, those who have kept THE FAITH.  Reserved by Me they are crack troops, the Green Beret, sent by Me a special Force to infiltrate the enemy’s line.  Never will they bow a knee to satan or his men; they walk and march strong, like a MIGHTY ARMY.  Coming from places unknown, they themselves know.  Each feels something special moving their heart; it must be released soon.  Coming out of hardship and places of rejection they are carried literally by Me.  The march in rows, in step to show, My training in desert places.  See them rise up these SPECIAL FORCES.  Enough they say is enough!;  I’ve had it with the foe!   Blow up the enemy they will, stomp on his very soul.  They will hurt and displace, pushing him back; LIBERTY THEY BESTOW.

Yes! My Mighty Army rises now, their Headquarters is I AM.  They take orders only from Me.  To a stranger they will not listen, they will grab him and pull him down to the ground.  My Army walks in powerful ranks walking at My command.  Yes!  New this Army is, REMNANTS FROM THE RUINS, coming from ruined places, determined faces, rising to meet the foe.


This is My NEW THING.

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