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  1. I can see the path of God in the Re s prophecy, but not in the all roads lead to Rome. I have heard the teaching about the Roman Catholic church for years but to suggest that a religious organization will be a target of the devil is like again the devil casting out the devil, Babylon, and Vatican city are 2 very different places, and mixing them is an error in prophetic interpretation. We know that the 4 spirits that drove the 4 old test empires are still present in the earth today but are a much more complicated-looking beasts which revelation shows us. The thought in your Re s prophesy that Jesus is turning the tables as we see in him cleansing the temple is what we are about to experience evil mountains (kingdoms) like the priesthood of Jesus day being removed from the earth and yes there are many money grabbing corporate religious systems that will be removed with many other evil corporate giants. The sower and the seed time will be in full revival mode for those who think you can hide the Spirit of God under a bushel or under your bed rather than broadcasting His Light for all to see and hear will be making choices

  2. Yes all Roads lead to Rome would be hard to mix with The Re s are coming, prophesy is not a scattershot.  The direction is always the same even though there is unexpected days that happen during the fulfillment process the core of the message never changes.

    • All Roads lead to Rome was about the interconnectedness of the wicked that many in the church Don’t even realize.
      In a war it’s important to know the strategies of the enemy.
      But in the midst of the darkness God is arising to fulfill Daniel 2 & Isaiah 60, Malachi 3&4, etc. they are not contradictory.
      But perhaps you can tell me where this is wrong or I may have misunderstood you here.

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