The Right Perspective: What is it?

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The Right perspective:  What is it?

Consider the following:

When you woke this morning, it was likely in a bed made by human hands, years or maybe decades ago.  Yet when you place your weight on it, you do not wonder if it will collapse beneath you.

You sleep sweetly beneath the roof of a structure that was not even in existence a few years ago, yet not once have you laid awake at night wondering about its integrity.

You sit down behind the wheel of a device which is a composition of metal, plastics and rubber then turn the key with an anticipated result of thousands of controlled explosions creating the energy for you to travel in it.

You drive down the street with cars coming the opposite direction at speeds that would devastate you should you collide.  Yet you never consider if that little yellow line will effectively keep them where they belong.

(For those in the United States)

You consider that which is written out on paper and tucked away somewhere unseen as indelible.  You look at a nation in existence for such a short period of time as to be nothing more than a blip on the radar screen of human history as a place which was here before you arrived and sure to be here after you have gone.

Yet when it comes to the God who grew the trees that form the lumber in your bed, when it comes to the Creator who carefully constructed the ground on which your home sits, when it involves the one who established the laws of physics and assigns His angels to protect, when it has to do with the one who wrote the words and ideals upon which this nation was founded…

….. we DOUBT.

Did you doubt when you touched the button or flipped the switch on the device with which you are reading this now?

Right perspective – the heavens and the earth (and all their contents) are passing away yet the God who is the Creator of it all shall remain.

Right perspective – if you are to trust anyone or anything, trust Him.

* * 2 * *

Hold Fast!

Hold fast to that which is of God.  Grasp it tightly and never let it go.  Though this world pries at your fingers you must not relent.  You must not give in.

Persist in your pursuit of all that is His.  Leave no stone unturned for even the tiniest morsel of His word outweighs volumes of books authored by man’s best and brightest minds.

Logic is limited to the same set of principles that bind the carnal mind.  Reason leaves no room for the impossible and yet God is the God of the impossible.

Clearly these prized ideals of the world cannot be your guides or you will close your doors to God and what He is doing.  Look only to His timeless word, for what He has done He will do again but in greater magnitude.

Again I say, hold fast!  Do not retreat and do not surrender.  Our God has overcome this world and soon it will be evident to all.  He will shame those who proclaim themselves just by this world’s standard.

He will confound those who proclaim themselves wise.  Yet He prizes and will uphold the simple faith of a child.

* * 3 * *

How Can I?

How can I share what I am not first given?

How can I feed if I am not first fed?

Like at the head of a river, You are the one who feeds into me and causes me to flow.  I cannot move without You.

Without You I am, at best, a stagnate pool.  While there may be water it is putrid and full of toxins.  Only those in the throngs of great desperation would dare drink from such a place and their reward is sickness.

It is You, LORD Jesus, who fills me. It is You who gives me the words of life and it is You that causes me to flow.

Thank You for Your living water that refreshes and revives even the most weary of travelers that they may continue their journeys through this land to which they are mere strangers.


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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