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  1. “SHIRE” Horses may carry additional meaning.

    Online Etymology defines “SHIRE”
    shire (n.)
    Old English scir “administrative office, jurisdiction, stewardship, authority,” also in particular use “district, province, country,” from Proto-Germanic *skizo (source also of Old High German scira “care, official charge”). Ousted since 14c. by Anglo-French county.

    Note Proto Germanic “SKIZO” which is very similar to the Greek word, Strong’s G4977 σχίζω schízō, skhid’-zo; apparently a primary verb; to split or sever (literally or figuratively):—break, divide, open, rend, make a rent. See Mt 27:51; Mk 1:10;15:38

    The idea, I think, with Shire, Skizo, and Skhidzo is DIVISION. Counties, districts, nations, etc, are DIVISIONS of land. War, ploughing, authority, etc, also carries the idea of DIVISION.

    Perhaps The Lord has more for you as to the explanation of the Shire Horses!?

  2. The Sun we see every day is a picture for all to see of how are God and his son are one. All things were made by Him and all things speak of His glory. We are not to worship the sun it is a picture of who God is though. He is the sun itself and the rays that touch the earth is the son of God Jesus Christ. As in the scripture it’s says these things. Problem is most of the church in the world have been convinced the one true God is three and not one. Better buckle up kiddies the ride is about to begin. And not many will make it who insists on having their way. Somethings to think about as the change is upon us all.

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