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The Rise of Paganism — 3 Comments

  1. Bro. Chris –

    Greetings. You articulate the Lord’s heart well – the state of His Church – in present world system. In author Eric Metaxis’ recent book “Letter to the American Church” – he also gives a clear “wake-up call” to the Church – showing how the spirit of the age (cultural marxism) has crept into everything.

    When I saw the title of your post, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s book “Return of the gods” also came to mind. He cites paganism clearly as defining the hour. The Lord has raised up voices (including yours) to shout an alarm – first – to the sleeping giant – the Church.

    I find there’s more resistance and rejection from “closet believers” who won’t even acknowledge- let alone decry – where the world is at today. However, the gospel charges US who believe and FOLLOW the LAMB to speak the truth, in love, boldly, and not sell the truth. No one said it would be easy. It’s not. Courage and virtue always cost. But it’s a price we must be willing to pay to be counted worthy to receive from our Masters hand, when He returns to His earth. Godspeed.

  2. All smoke and mirrors. When the real stuff happens it will not matter if it is recorded or not. All will know it is true and that miracles are happening. There was no disputing the miracles Jesus did. No iPhones recording no tv nothing but the power of God.
    Plenty of Pharisee to dispute the miracles and say it was the devil but no question about they were happening. Mostly the problem with the church as a whole is what they believe the truth to be and the one true Gods reluctance to approve it. Soon that will change and believe me most of the so called church will scream bloody murder and say if these continue to do these things we will no longer have our place. And all god’s children will say amen.

  3. I am running into people who profess a belief in God, but not Jesus, and proclaim their self-righteousness “I don’t believe God will condemn good people” etc. The most recent man also didn’t believe in satan or hell. This was somewhat the attitude in the Catholic church growing up (choose your own tenets to follow) but I think I was taught about hell; maybe it was purgatory that got everyone sidetracked. Although it distresses me greatly, I politely disagree, silently pray for them and leave it at that. I wait expectantly for the Kingdom to come and the Glory of God to be manifested on this earth. Psalm 27:13 describes how I feel perfectly.

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