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The Rise of the New Major Prophets — 7 Comments

  1. “ there was suddenly a dearth of deep, humble men and women of God who are truly Prophets after the calling and anointing of Elijah or Elisha.”

    There was not a dearth, but there was a training going on, and there are plenty of people who have been bashed by the church excluded by the church, because they were speaking things that disturbed the church. Like Isaiah 58.

  2. On point man of God, w/all of it. For the reader who feels “called” to the prophetic. This gift is widely misunderstood and often mis-handled by the Church at large. Challenging major vs minor and consider the “Office” of prophet as universal but the “Ministry” of the prophet as local. There is a difference between prophetic ministry and prophetic office, but often they overlap. “Prophetic ministry” functions but not limited in at least 1 or more of the revelatory gifts…and the “gift of faith” is a prophetic key and differs from faith in Gal. 5:22,23. The “Office” is who a prophet is – the position, imparted and appointed by God. Eph.4:11

    • The “office” is who a prophet is – the “ministry” is what a prophet does or functions in. The “prophetic office” is graced w/mantels to “build” – yes, to build the Body of Christ and whatever else God equips and gifts this “Office” to build, upon the “Rock” of the revealed Word..! from…- God! Matt. 16:18 in advancing Kingdom territory. They are not afraid to engage culture, that they might be an influence of the God of Israel. They lift up a cry on behalf of the people, issuing warnings to the Universal Church, so that we might adjust. They declare, decree and proclaim prophetic vision/s – They speak blessings and judgements from God. We see distinctions of these gifts in the scripture w/John the revelator – called to the “Prophetic Office” – speaking to the 7 churches of Asia minor, the Universal Body past/present and Jude in “prophetic ministry” – Barnabas in Acts 11:27-30. We’re called to steward the gifts and callings w/great expectation of manifestation of His Kingdom come.

  3. Matt: 11:11 states that the least in the kingdom of God is greater than John the Baptist who Jesus said was the greatest prophet among men. So any one we would think was great could not possibly be a true prophet. We would need to look for something quite the opposite. Find something you want to spit on whose words make your skin crawl and just maybe you will hit the mark. Be careful what you aim for it mat be aiming back at you. Take heed the time is short.

  4. I was invited to visit the Chamber of Agreement, a place where God goes to create divine strategies to enact in the earth and in the heavenlies. Prayer is a shadow of this place. Prayer is a plea asking God to align with your request. So I was in this place where agreement is reached regarding the topic brought up. Agreement is reached when ALL of God agrees…The Father, the Son, the Spirit. So, I participated. I spoke from my understanding those things in the Bible that God had revealed to me and I had walked in and obtained true understanding of. I think that they were happy about how well I presented my point of view. What we discussed has been blocked from my mind. But I will never forget this experience. I know how far fetched this sounds. But I have experienced many things greater than this. There is a place for me somewhere. But maybe my place is not among the company of prophets, though sometimes His voice thunders through me. I so appreciate this Word that you have given. Maybe I will join all of you in the work of God. I cannot see what I am to become.

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