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The Rise of the Pharaoh Spirit — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you, sister Priscilla. Key excerpt, to understand that this “pharaoh” spirit (antichrist) time is the time after the fulfillment of the age, and the catching up of the living and the dead in Christ to the marriage supper:

    I will not allow anything to take you out until you have fulfilled your destiny in Me.

    So many are looking to be taken away, rather than endure any form of suffering, while in other parts of the world My People suffer violently!

    But before this spirit comes, will I fill the earth with My Glory, and there will be world wide revival that will shake kingdoms. But know that this revival will come at a great cost.

  2. Dear Priscilla-

    Your post is meat and substance – so much to ‘chew on’. For me, a revelatory Word of God is best digested – in prayer, being alert to the Lord’s guideposts.

    This is a strong but critically urgent warning on what to look out for, as the deception/evil has been ramped up in our day. Yet our Lord reminds me He will keep us and protect those who are under His covering.  Shalom

  3. Wow Pris! The Anointing of God is all over this Word!
    Is this not for today for us to be refreshed and this reposted to help us all?
    You are so spot on in every line through the Holy Spirit.
    I understand that Pharaoh spirit well and have new understanding about it now. Going to reread…
    I much wish for us to stand together in Unity and harmony through these end times. Thank you and I hold your hands up in battle. Prayers and love ❤️

    • Thank you for your gracious reply. God bless you!
      Shalom Joyce. Thank you for taking time to bless me.
      All by His grace I know!  Years ago, I used to do women’s prison ministry here in Orange County going to the jail to pray with women.
      What are treasure that is for you to be involved in that! The needs are so great right now. Did you see Katie Souza with Dawg on Elijah stream?

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