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  1. In January of this year I had a dream that I was walking down a beautiful boardwalk on a sunny day. All of a sudden the boardwalk ended, and there was deep, black, cold, wavy water between me, and the other side of the boardwalk! I knew if I wanted to get to the other side, I had to cross that horrible water! I looked ahead at the beauty on the other side of gardens and flowers beautiful things over there, and I wanted to go so bad but the fear enticed me to stay! I then saw a statue of a man and I could hear music coming from the statue, the music of a flute, and the music was enticing me to stay on the side I was already on. in the morning, I asked the Lord about the dream and he told me I had to learn to trust him in all situations, and that I had to cross over and trust him. If I wanted to get to the other side, I had to trust him. Shortly after , I ended up in the worst trials of my entire life! I am not young, and I have seen many trials, but this one took them all! The Lord held my hand and kept me afloat the whole time! I came across a little ruffled, but I got to the other side praise God!  the prophecies and prophetic words on this place has encouraged me greatly! This is the fourth time I tried to write this testimony, and it erased it each time! I know this is for someone else other than myself

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