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The Rivers of the Seven Spirits of God — 5 Comments

  1. The Lord held me in His hand and then opened it wide.  All the earth is satisfied when he opens wide His hand amen!  The vision and encounter inspired me to do some studying and refreshed me, amen!

  2. I had an encounter with the Lord back in the early 2000’s when I was backslidden where the Lord picked me up in His hand, I mean my whole body encompassed by His hand, and He shook me violently, I thought my guts were going to spill.  After reading your post, IDH Cloud of Rainbow Glory where Zerubbabel had in His hand the chosen capstone and he shall bring the capstone forth with shouts of grace, grace unto it, I was really encouraged and also by this post too, seeing I just reconsecrated myself in my upper room of my small suite.  The eyes of the seven spirits will unseal the secrets of revelation and glory, amen!

  3. …into the ‘Womb of the Spirit’ – A Dimension: The Virgin Bride cleansed by consummation IN Christ. The Water breaking speaks to the ‘birthing’ as when women gives birth – John 19:34 – blood and water flowed when Christ was pierced in His side signifies The ROCK of the Church ‘birthed’ Matt. 16:18 w/subsequent re-births by the Spirit of Revelation! Hallelujah! Began in Genesis from the ‘side’ of the first man Adam w/Eve – Ends with the last Adam – Jesus Christ the Son of God – w/His Living Keys! 1Cor.15:45-48 Rev. 1:8 – Glory to God!

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