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  1. Thank you for your loving and comforting words of encouragement, dear Sandi….You truly have a heart for others!

    Oh, that I , my husband and our whole family might experience what your husband did!!! We have been longing for this for such a long time!

    It must be an act of God in my opinion because we sought for it, repented, confessed, sought counsel and yet saw no breakthrough.  But we give not up.

    • Dorothea, Never never give up is so true. I have to tell you that I had almost given up on my husband but no on GOD! LOL! It was that bad..At times, I doubted if even God could break that religious spirit and determination to live in his mind and not his spirit. He has had a dramatic turnaround but some of the things that he LEARNED as a child are still lodged in His heart. I found myself scratching my head and constantly asking God why? God truly called us to be married to carry out a call that Gerry had. He could never see himself as God did. The Lord said he needed the prophetic but it was the hardest assignment and most difficult battle I was ever given.  It will be a ongoing deliverance of trusting God in every area where FEAR took over. Standing with you for GOd’s perfect breakthrough time. Thank you for your kind words. Love and prayers, Sandi

  2. Dear Dorothea, I am so ‘Wowed’ by your comment and confirmation. I con only continue to be awakened to the truth of my prophecies that HE is an on time God and in this hour HE is bringing to us JOY to keep us steady as we weather the final storms and end time battles. God bless you my sister. I loved reading your story:In 1986 I received a prophetic word accompanied by a vision, that after being broken I would be so transformed, that people would not recognize me!!…I am seeing that happening now. I just was amazed at how my husband was delivered dramatically from an orphan spirit and he said to me I don’t recognize the new person I am and I can’t believe the person that I was all my life..it is transformation but also requires a walking it out and holding fast to the NEW MAN or WOMAN..So many blessings to you, dear sister, Sandi Holman

  3. Oh my goodness….SOOO GOOD!!
    A couple of months ago the Lord gave me a vision, I was awake at the time and for me this is very rare and SUCH a blessing!!
    Suddenly a great fog was COMPLETELY lifted from my shoulders and it was like I took my first ever breath!!!! Oh Sandi it was BEAUTIFUL!! I was surrounded in what seemed like a large room by many people and I was filled with what I can only describe as absolute bliss!! I opened my mouth to shout it out which was completely automatic, no stopping it!!! That’s when I came out of it.
    it was so kind of Him to give me that vision when He did because thy warfare the last two months has been soo intense!!
    My two favorite words are completion and payday, and since He is my Payday, completion can’t come soon enough!!
    God bless your beautiful heart Sandi!!
    Thank You Abba Father!!

    • WOW, CHerish, what a VISION!! WOW! You are so moving in the right direction. THanks so much for sharing your journey. It is always so encouraging!! Victory..He is continuing to break every chain as HE gives us victory again and again. God bless your richly, Sandi

  4. Dear Sandi,

    I am speechless after reading this word as it contains a few confirmations in it all together!!

    The night before the last one I stayed up until 01.30 h because I could not stop listening to a young Kenyan man singing the song „ There is power in the name of Jesus. He will break every chain, break every chain, break every chain!“ His name is James KE. You can find his web site in the internet. Soo strong, so powerful is his voice! It goes right into your spirit!

    I sang it the next day oftentimes over and over….

    In 1986 I received a prophetic word accompanied by a vision, that after being broken I would be so transformed, that people would not recognize me!!…

    I often felt like an orphan spiritually as my father, who was in worldwar !! could not word that he loved us…He suffered himself, missing true joy in his salvation, though he regularly preached as a lay minister and faithfullly passed tracks.
    There is a lack of spiritual identity therefore.

    It is our prayer and proclamation since a long time that we will serve the Lord with three generations since it has been confirmed to us with vision and word through a faithful minister froem the USA!
    So this word brings me great joy today..

    Two days ago, I opened Amos 9 and read the passage you mention here!!………

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