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The Rock that is Higher than You and Me! — 5 Comments

    • Thank you Michael.
      We will ascend, (rise up) one day for sure.
      Still when we reach into the heavenlies to pray and seek God that is another type of ascension, I feel.
      For us all to come up Higher in Him is a beautiful place to strive for. Many blessings

  1. Many people have a secret place where they pray instead as Paul said to be praying always. Like any thing else we practice at this can be the same. What at first seems tedious can be come second nature. What is the God we worship like? Does he condemn everyone or has he forgiven them drawing them to himself? This is the image we carry around with us. And as much as this image is like the truth is how much the true God is or a false image of god is our ever present company. We are not being changed to His image we are portraying an image of ourselves not the truth. Which is why the truth is so important. God never changes and Christ in us will always be the same. Most of the time silent just waiting for most believers to walk in the truth and not the vanity of their own thinking or those of their church fathers. Like a child pretending to play tea party begin to pretend the one true God is in all your conversations and every aspect of your life practice makes perfect. Not many religious people will want to play this game though. Party poopers any way. Some things to think about.

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