The Root of Bitterness


The root of bitterness:  Something is springing up out of your belly.  But is it the Holy Ghost?

As I ponder on the word “bitter” I find it means: “sharp like an arrow or pungent to the taste, disagreeable; venomous; even a spring that flows out like a river.”

“See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it many be defiled,”   Hebrews 12:15.

“For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you,”   Matthew 614.

I believe that the LORD is dealing with the hearts of many in this season, regarding this contaminated spring of water that comes to eat away the souls of many!

This bitterness can flow ever so gently until you don’t even know that it has attacked you!

It comes to wound, hinder and attack others!  And, not only that it will use every opportunity to rear its ugly head up whenever it feels wounded or offended by others, because it is an attribute of the flesh and it wants those that have hurt them to know how it feels to be hurt!

My heart weeps for the people of God and those who stand in the need for self deliverance.

Many times God will try us to allow us opportunity to show HIS agape love but inside of us showing love we allow flesh to testify on Christ’s behalf.

Loosing the battle!  Especially; when God has raised us up to be ambassadors, and a royal priesthood for him.

The foremost danger in succumbing to bitterness and allowing it to rule our hearts is that it is a spirit that refuses reconciliation.  All of which Christ died for!

Unbridled wrath and anger often lead to “brawling,” which is the brash self-absorption of an angry person who needs to make everyone hear his grievances over and over again!

Instead of letting it go.  I knew a lady once who would use testimonial service as an opportune time to throw off on her offenders and not only that preachers in the pulpit who spent countless hours going on and on in the flesh because somebody hurt or offended them walking in a wounded spirit!

The Bible says, “The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?”    Proverbs 18:14.

People of God I believe the LORD is saying that it is time for some good old self deliverance in the body of Christ; the toxicity of these negative situations can seep into your soul and cause you to lead with a wounded spirit lashing out at others regarding things that deliverance is so desperately needed.

People good leadership (government, home, church, and community) is about who you are as a person your values, beliefs, and character and much less about what you actually do in terms of leadership techniques or practices.

Leadership begins on the inside proceed by the Holy Spirit, and what’s on the inside eventually comes out on the outside.

If your inner life is in order, healthy leadership practices will follow.  If you’re leading with a wounded spirit, that will be clear as well even though people are applauding you and saying amen they will discern flesh speaking; instead of the Holy Ghost!

Sadly, we’re often blind to the reality that we’re leading in a wounded capacity.

Because, we are so close to it that we don’t see it, and it may take someone else calling us out on our behavior for us to realize what’s going on.

The signs of a wounded spirit are:

1. Bitterness.
2. Anger.
3. Unforgiveness.
4. Sarcasm; a mask of humor with a grain of salt throw on others.
5. Negativity surrounds them.
6. A spirit of apathy; going through the motions.

People, if you cannot let go of the hurt and the pain of what you feel others did to you (what they did keep popping up) than you are bitter which is often resentful, cynical, harsh, cold, relentless, and unpleasant to be around.

Any expression of these characteristics is sin against God; they are of the flesh, not of His Spirit (Galatians 5:19-21).

And, not only that it blocks the flow of God in your life and no wells can be dug and no revival can take place in your own personal life!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking self deliverance from God in this area of your life: especially leaders!

Hebrews 12:15 warns us to  “see to it that {no one miss the grace of God} and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many….”

We must always be wary of allowing “bitter roots” to grow in our hearts; such roots will cause us to fall short of the grace of God and all that he has for us!


~ Apostle Geraldine Fisher

Prophetess Geraldine FisherApostle Geraldine Fisher has a World-Wide-Social Media Net-Work Ministry.  As a Missionary, God moved her into the Office of a Prophet, revealing to her the qualities of a True prophet, humility, humiliation, loving others, interceding in prayer, as she keeps her own life clean to accurately hear from God. Since hearing the audible voice of God calling her to ministry, she’s been called to intercede and pray for others in ministry as God speaks, instructs, directs and gives prophetic words for her to give to others. God promised He would bring her to sit and to learn before great men, all of which He did!

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