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    (The Jewish “Day of Atonement”)
    In ancient Israel, continuing up through a majority of the Second Temple Period, the Israelites would bring two goat into the Temple. One was killed as a blood sacrifice, cleansing sacred space for another year. The second, after a laying on of hands, was chased out into the wilderness, symbolizing the carrying away of the sins of the people. This is where we get the phrase ”scapegoat” from.
    According to Jewish writings of the time, there was a scarlet cloth, or ribbon, that would turn white as this ceremony was occurring. This symbolized Yahweh’s acceptance of their sacrifice and represented His forgiveness of their sins. However, acording to the Talmud (Rabbinic writings and interpretations), specifically in Rosh HaShanah 31B, we read that approximately 40 years before the destruction of the second temple, this cloth, or ribbon, miraculously stopped changing from scarlet to white.
    The Talmud goes on to admit that this meant that Yahweh no longer accepted the traditional Yom Kippur sacrifice as penance for their sins. So, what happened 40 years before the destruction of the second temple you may ask? Well, the temple was destroyed in 70AD by Titus. 40 years prior to that takes us to the year 30AD. THIS IS THE YEAR THAT YESHUA WAS NAILED TO THE CROSS AND ROSE THREE DAYS LATER! He became our perfect sacrifice, once and for all, permanently atoning for our sins.

  2. Demonic attack has really ramped up in my life.

    Recently me and another family member can visually see covens attacking us when we hold hands and close our eyes. I get the impression they are trying to “remote view” us back and send evil spirits our way. They like wearing hooded robes and standing in circles in places like groves.

    We pray for them a lot. Expecially for their freedom from witchcraft.

    I’m not sure what kind of spiritual gift seeing images under your eyelids of evil things trying to affect you is, but I’ve had it for years and not known what it was because the images were too blurry. It was just really obnoxious noise on my eyelids when I was trying to sleep back then and I had no idea it was spiritual in nature.

    Now that I know what it is, every time I see moving shapes in the dark under my eyelids I start praying.

    That was a tangent, I wanted to mention I’ve been playing the song “America Again” by Carmen quite frequently.

    It’s a good song
    “If we repent of our ways, stand strong and say, we need God in America again”

  3. Beautiful! Also consider that the cutting of the cord is a great birthing analogy, and the CROSS winds could be analogous to the path of death that Christ took to free mankind. There is so much here! And gives the feeling of what we are going through as a people/nation/world so well.

    PS: I had a mini-vision/dream night before last where I saw a huge big black wide spatula, and a big pancake shaped like the U.S., and very quickly the spatula flipped the pancake and I heard the word in my spirit: ‘TURNOVER’.

  4. Speaking is seeing while asleep, saw a yellow snake in water atacking, and someone told to take an ax and cut off the head to save the person in its fang.  The head was cut off, but seemed too far from the head to help, as still much of snakes body there.  But suddenly snake spasm and in it bit itself. ( spewing black poison into itself )

    May the enemy attack himself and release victim so victim is victorious in Christ, amen

    May the computer RAM be brought to light showing what is needed revealed for SCOTUS and all US. In Christ, and in His timing and purpose, amen

  5. I would pick up on the references to Abraham and to the stone, being reminded that Jesus told the religious people,
    “And do not think you can say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham.”  [Matthew 3:9]

    The Lord was referring to the coming birth of a people, following Abraham, based only on justification through faith by grace. American Christians need to return to the simplicity of this core gospel, compared with which having either an Abrahamic genealogical heritage or an American cultural Christian heritage and all its add-ons has no value for knowing Christ. It might thus be regarded as “dung”, as Paul is translated as saying, and he did not mean something that might at least be good for growing roses.

  6. There must be a Powerful Manifestation of Miracles Signs and Wonders being released at this time, because the demonic confrontation has sure increased!!
    This morning on my walk i was praying for you Veronica, as well as others the Lord is using mightily to encourage His Remnant to keep going.
    He is so Good and Gracious and has truly increased Peace in this onslaught of cruel satanic hatred.
    I had a dream the other night where I got off of the elevator at the top floor and there were 5 hooded young men channeling and chanting to Satan. I turned and yelled at them to MOVE, they were blocking the Door!! They cursed at me, and I cursed back!! I haven’t even thought that word in years, but if there’s a place in me it still exists…(I asked the Lord to search me and please remove it). No matter the choices of others, I’m responsible for my own.
    But I thought it quite symbolic that these Satan worshippers were blocking a Door…Gate? Hmmmm….
    I pray often for those lost in the depths of the occult and witchcraft. I thank Him that the Power of the Cross Truly stripped that demonic kingdom, that world, that flesh and every curse, and ask Him to release into the affected, infected, and infested areas the Spirit, Body, Blood, and Living Water He gave for our FREEDOM, to bring this disease into the ashes…just sayen…:D
    Thank you for sharing Veronica…I needed so bad this encouragement!!
    Bless your beautiful heart!!

  7. Thank you Prophetess! We love and appreciate you in America! God Bless you and your family and HIS Divine Protection on all of you as well in Yeshua’s Holy Name! Amen!
    With Love,

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