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The Seven Spirits of God and The Council of The LORD — 7 Comments

  1. Jesus is the vine we are the branches the observation you should make is what does the vine produce if you said Jesus, correct, the thought that you are crucified with Christ but still live, not you but Christ in you would ring true in the vine teaching. To decide every day that you stay in the tomb and Jesus rises from the dead is the picture, your whole time on earth is all about seeing and developing the members of Christ seeking after everything Jesus did learning about Jesus is your pursuit there are days you won t be able to even identify as a Christian yet the truth remains you gave your life to Jesus get back in the tomb and let Jesus out, this is the foundation to prophesy He gave His life for you, so you give your life to Him without this truth prophecy will become twisted

  2. The one core belief in Christianity that never alter whether you are an old testament believer who looked forward to Jesus Christ His appearing whether you are a new testament believer who looks forward to Jesus Christ’s appearing and whether you die (sleep) or are awake this event is what everyone should be looking for. Understand from our 2022 view of what Jesus accomplished in His willing sacrifice of Himself around the year 33ad is the key to rightly dividing the truths of how things happen in future times where you can still find our Lord and look forward to His appearing this truth never changes. Hebrews states that the earth and EVERYTHING IN IT WAS MADE FOR JESUS He is the word of God, and to understand His complete conquest of the ways of death hell and the grave or the power of the devil is key.

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