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The Silicon Valley Bank: A Greater Economic & Financial Shaking — 4 Comments

  1. Truly ” the love of money is the root of all evil.”
    And, surely, these past few years many have become aware of how evil our Babylonian rulers are.
    Please consider that – we cannot overcome that that we have submitted ourselves to!
    The Hebrew word used in Genesis 12:6 is Kena’ ayin. It can mean, Canaanite, merchant, trafficker.
    I suggest that there has been submission to the merchants and the control they have exercised by the heeding of their dictatorial narrative i.e. these merchants tell us when to buy ( Christmas, Easter( Astarte ), Halloween, and all their other various ” must buy ” days )
    We are told WHAT to buy – trees, eggs, costumes, clothes ( oh! your perfectly good clothing is now out of fashion. Your £600 phone that you bought last year is now ” old tech.” Your latest football shirt that your idol wears is now ” the old jersey.” ) Etc etc etc .
    Bless Our God for His Word says that the merchants ( Canaanites ) shall weep because nobody buys their goods anymore. Their fruitful river drying up ( interesting the current reports about the Euphrates drying up ).
    Take no care for what you shall eat or drink or what to put on – but seek you first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.

  2. Yesterday I saw on tv the SVB logo and the address caught my eye. The primary address is 3003 Tasman Drive Santa Clara California. I am now under conviction to share with you that the Lord showed me that the 3003 is 30 + 03 = 33 = highest freemason degree level!

    • God thought you basic math? Come on! This is ridiculous and has nothing to do with the Freemasons. The bond prices changed and the bank got caught in it.

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